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Do you ever feel like the magic of the season changes and the holidays gets lost in the rush of to-do lists, party planning, and the gift grab? We want to invite you to slow down and take pleasure in setting your intentions for the seasons, taking a moment for yourself to reflect and reconnect with what it is that makes this time of year special for you.


Join us for a tea meditation and tasting, hosted by local teamakers, The Tea Musketeers; a floral workshop where we will create ornamental pressed flower gift tags and learn about the flower drying process by making fresh floral mini bouquets intended to be dried and adorn your gift wrapping; and finally, we will close with an exclusive first-shop of all our yuletide offerings in the boutique, while enjoying light refreshments.


We’ve curated a unique gift set for each participant to include:


-Handprinted stoneware mug from Danica Heirloom

-Tea sampler of four teas, from The Tea Musketeers

-Aromatic seasonal candle from Slow North

-Decorative moth matches

-Hardwood flower press

-Pressed and fresh floral

-Antique hinged ornament frame

-Chiffon ribbon and decorative materials

We will provide light refreshments during the 'sip and shop'.

$145 per guest

the gift

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