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FLOWER ENCHANTRESS by day; mom & dreamer, Always

Hi, I'm Heather; yes, like the evergreen shrub. I wake up astounded every single day, knowing that I get to use flowers to express my creativity and connect with you through this art form... as my 'job'. I am a Salem native and love the energy that is pulsing in the small business sector here in our beautiful state's capitol. I am a hard-working, ever-learning, self-taught florist who believes in the power of nature to transform spaces, emotions, and mindset. My forever North star is my daughter, who has been crowned the flower queen of my heart and has captured my soul in full, and I'm lucky enough to have a loving husband and family who support me daily in this topsy-turvy, petal-laden dream. I can't wait to connect with you and bring your floral daydreams to fruition, whatever they may be, for whatever occasion, including no occasion at all.

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